When is the Right Time For Your Child to Begin Practicing a Sport? Team Sport

Nowadays, fashion is educating a child to support him to practice a sport. This is one of the best ways that guaranties an improvement of their level of physical fitness. A child needs to be stimulated physically and mentally by the parents so that they can succeed. But the question is when is the right time for your child to start practicing a sport?

The answer is different from one child to another. Kids develop emotionally and physically in very different ways and at different times. You may also have to know that if your child has a talent for some sport, this doesn’t mean that he is ready to compete in organized team events. As a parent, you have to know your child and you have to evaluate if she/he is mature enough to understand the rules of the sport, or if she/he understands the concept of “team” rather than individual goals (if it is a team sport). You may also have to rethink if your child will have the strength to combine school and home work with regular training without exhausting himself? Organized sports will help your child to develop some life skills, which he will need in his maturity, like grace, perseverance, ambition, and desire to succeed and so on. As everything, this has its disadvantages as well. For example, they might devote so much time to one particular sport that they never get the chance to experience other sports which they would enjoy even more. It is only natural that parents want that their children succeed and be the best. But be careful, because being to pushy can have the reverse effect. Forcing a child to participate against their will is destined to result in failure, resentment and probably your child will quit, with a bad self-esteem. To avoid these kind of situations, you constantly have to talk with your child about his likes and with his coach about your child’s performance.

What is certain, however, is that the sport which is practiced by your child has to transform him in a better person from all the point of views, and that is how you know that that particular sport is right and destined for him!

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